Project ARC: Vision and Principles

The availability of digital data is dramatically redefining the nature and scope of the research endeavor across all domains in the 21st century.  We envision a future in which Canada capitalizes on the trend towards data intensive research and is a world leader in research and innovation.  This future is achievable, with comprehensive support for research data management at a national scale.

Project ARC aims to lay the foundation for a library-based research data management network that will improve our national capacity for the management, preservation, and re-use of research data.  Project ARC will work closely with other stakeholders including Research Data Canada, CRKN’s Integrated Digital Scholarship Ecosystem, Compute Canada, and the Digital Infrastructure Leadership Council to ensure our activities are consist and integrated with other infrastructures and initiatives in Canada.

The work of Project ARC is guided by the following underlying principles:

  • Data are a public good
  • Intelligent access: openness, with respect for privacy
  • Collaborative approaches: cost savings and sharing expertise
  • Inclusiveness: aim to serve all researchers and create a more level playing field
  • Commitment to standards and interoperability
  • International relationships: liaise internationally and ensure our work is in keeping with international practices
  • Respect for differences: flexibility to meet the needs of different regions, institutions, and disciplines
  • Open source: Tools will be contributed back to the community
  • Stewardship: a sense of responsibility for managing research data over the long term


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