Project ARC: Related Initiatives

Project ARC aims to lay the foundation for the implementation of a library-based research data management network in Canada. This will involve providing training and support on campus (for researchers and libraries) as well as the development of shared services and infrastructure for collecting, preserving and providing access to research data.

There are a number of initiatives occurring that are related to the work of Project ARC. These various initiatives differ according to their scope and the sphere in which they are active. The Project ARC Working Group will liaise with other initiatives working in this area to ensure there is no redundancy of work and that the work being done through the project is connected to and enhances the work being done elsewhere.

Some of these related projects are listed here:

Research Data Canada  Research Data Canada (RDC) is a collaborative effort to address the challenges and issues surrounding the access and preservation of data arising from Canadian research. This multi-disciplinary group of universities, institutes, libraries, granting agencies, and individual researchers has a shared recognition of the pressing need to deal with Canadian data management issues from a national perspective. Research Data Canada does not implement things (policies, infrastructure, etc.), but rather provides support for other stakeholders to do so.

RDC-led Pilot Project  This project evolved out the Digital Infrastructure Summit in January 2014. The TC3+ seem set to introduce Data Management Plans as a requirement for funding. This Federated Pilot Project seeks to prototype how services and infrastructure that would allow researchers to develop and execute data management plans. The pilot project will build on existing initiatives such Project ARC, CANARIE, Compute Canada, and others with the goal of documenting requirements and providing a guide for scaling to meeting the needs of large groups of researchers as the DMP requirement rolls out.

Project ARC is working closely with RDC Federated Pilot Project and there are 7 members of the Project ARC working group participating. Given the overlaps, it has been agreed that some of our work will be undertaken jointly. In particular, the RDC chair and coordinator will contribute directly to the development of a plan to implement a centre of expertise. In addition, the RDC Education and Training Subcommittee will be acting in an advisory role.

CRKN’s Integrated Digital Scholarship Ecosystem  Research data is only one component of a more diverse ecosystem. The Integrated Digital Scholarship Ecosystem (IDSE) is an initiative to advance research in Canada by understanding the complexity of the digital landscape and by seeking opportunities to align key stakeholders and providers around a series of shared objectives. The ecosystem combines capabilities and infrastructure beyond content to seamlessly harness the work of diverse organizations that contribute to digital scholarship.

Digital Infrastructure Leadership Council  The Leadership Council for Digital Infrastructure is a voluntary collective of leaders who represent key stakeholders that have a part to play in the creation of a world-leading, advanced digital infrastructure ecosystem for Canada. Canada has made major strides over the past decade to build upon some of the key pieces of this ecosystem, but efforts have, at times, been fragmented and the growth uneven. The DILC is a coordinating body that aims to develop a vision for Canada’s digital infrastructure ecosystem and act as a forum for stakeholders to coordinate their activities.

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