Training resources

This page provides links to some key training resources for both librarians and researchers in the area of research data management, with an emphasis on Canadian-based sources and/or those that provide the most relevant information.

General Training Resources

  • DataONE Education Modules: modules in powerpoint format that you can download and incorporate into teaching materials.

For Librarians

  • MANTRA for Librarians:  Do It Yourself Research Data Management Training Kit for Librarians.  Provided by EDINA and Data Library, University of Edinburgh in association with UK Data Archive, Digital Curation Centre (DCC), and Distributed Data Curation Center at the Purdue University Libraries.
  • A second CARL course is being planned for early 2015. This course will adopt a “train the trainer” approach and focus on enhancing support services at Canadian libraries for the delivery of data management plans on campus.

For Liaison Librarians

  • University of Alberta (U of A):  This document is the background information sheet that was used to stimulate a discussion among liaison or subject librarians at the U of A about providing services in support of Data Management Plans.  The session was followed by an information forum to answer any questions liaison or subject librarians had about the DMPOnline tool that was recently launched by the library.

For Researchers

  • MANTRA for Researchers and Graduate Students:  MANTRA is a free, online non-assessed course with guidelines to help you understand and reflect on how to manage the data you collect throughout your research.  The course is particularly appropriate for those who work with digital data.

Discipline-based training resources

  • Archaeology and Social Anthropology:  DataTrain is maintained by the University of Cambridge, these are disciplinary focused, online data management training modules for post-graduate courses in Archaeology and Social Anthropology.
  • Creative Arts:  Managing Creative Arts Research Data post graduate module is a teaching module for creative arts disciplines focused on making digital output which is highly usable and has maximum impact.  The module was developed as part of the of the Jisc-funded CAiRO (Curating Artistic Research Output) project, a collaboration between The University of Bristol and the Digital Curation Centre.
  • Health:  The DATUM for Health training programme is aimed at postgraduate research students in health studies, including those whose PhD has a health focus but who are not necessarily registered in a school/faculty of health/medicine (e.g. in psychology, social sciences).
  • Social Sciences:  Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research: Since its inception, the Consortium has offered the ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research as a complement to its data services.  The Summer Program provides a comprehensive, integrated program of studies in research design, statistics, data analysis, and social science methodology.


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