Project ARC: FAQs

What is Project ARC?

The project was launched in March 2014. The aim is to bring together existing library based activities in the area of research data management in order to better coordinate activities and build capacity.

The aim of the project is to lay the foundation for the implementation of a library-based research data management network in Canada.

The project was initiated by CARL, which formed the working group In March 2014 following an initial meeting of stakeholders in December 2013. The project builds on previous work undertaken by CARL to build capacity for research data management in Canadian academic libraries.

The working group aims to complete its work in the coming year with the launch of a Canadian Research Data Management Network.


Who is involved in project?

The Project ARC Working Group has members from all four regional academic library associations CAUL, COPPUL, OCUL and Quebec, as well as the CRKN, CARL, and some of Canada’s top research data management experts.

Working group members were appointed by the CARL Board, with advice from the CARL Data Management Subcommittee, based on several considerations:

  • Experience with an existing inter-institutional collaboration or partnership in research data management services or infrastructure (provincially, regionally or nationally)
  • Balanced range of institutions from each regional library consortia
  • Roles in Research Data Canada (RDC) and the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN)

The Working Group is led by Martha Whitehead, chair of the CARL Data Management Subcommittee and the Research Data Canada Education & Training Subcommittee

Kathleen Shearer, CARL Research Associate, has been contracted by CARL on a part-time basis to act as coordinator for the project.

Members of the Working Group are:

  • Donna Bourne-Tyson, Dalhousie University (CRKN)
  • Alan Darnell, Scholars Portal (OCUL)
  • Lynda Gadoury, L’Université du Québec à Montréal (Quebec)
  • Chuck Humphrey, University of Alberta (COPPUL)
  • Karen Keiller, University of New Brunswick (CAUL)
  • Mark Leggott, University of Prince Edward Island (CAUL)
  • Steve Marks, Scholars Portal (OCUL)
  • Brian Owen, Simon Fraser University (COPPUL)
  • Carol Perry, University of Guelph (OCUL)
  • Jenn Riley, McGill University (Quebec)
  • Diane Sauvé, Université de Montréal (Quebec)
  • Kathleen Shearer (CARL)
  • Martha Whitehead, Queen’s University (CARL and Research Data Canada)


What is Project ARC doing?

Project ARC  has 4 concrete objectives:

1. Provide support for institutions to deliver data management plans (DMPs) through assembling a clearinghouse of information resources and adapting an automated tool that can be used by researchers to fill out DMPs.

2. Develop a plan for the implementation of a centre of expertise for the curation of research data in Canada. Similar to the Digital Curation Centre in the UK, the centre will provide support to research institutions, librarians and researchers in the area of research data management by offering training, information resources, and consulting services.

3. Undertake a pilot that will act as an exemplar for a national preservation service for research data. This will build on existing initiatives and fill in the gaps in the management of research data across the lifecycle.

4. Develop an organizational framework and operational plan for a library-based research data management network in Canada. The working group will develop a detailed service model and business plan. The intent is not to create another new organization but rather leverage existing investments and operate within the context of existing institutions.


How does Project ARC intersect with related initiatives?

There are a number of initiatives occurring that are related to the work of Project ARC. These various initiatives differ according to their scope and the sphere in which they are active. The Project ARC Working Group will liaise with other initiatives working in this area to ensure there is no redundancy of work and that the work being done through the project is connected to and enhances the work being done elsewhere. Please see Project ARC: Related Initiatives for more details.

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